Setting a new offer

To set a new offer, just click the blue New button in the bottom-left of your Offers section. Any current Spota offer you have, will end.

Then enter your new offer details and click Post!


Note: You can currently have one Spota offer running at a time. 



What type of offer/reward should I set on Spota?

You want to make it worthwhile for your customers to Spota your business. By having an offer on Spota, you are getting two main benefits:

1 - A new customer: People may see your business and reward on the Spota app and will use the offer/reward to come in and redeem with you.

2 - Their word-of-mouth promotion: In order for the customer to receive your Spota offer, you're asking them to share a status - their own message AND your business name - to their friends online. You receive all the benefits of this; reputation, brand awareness and ultimately new customers!

We strongly recommend that your Spota offer is better than other offers you may already be running. People claiming your offer through Spota means you are encouraging and tracking online word-of-mouth promotion!


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