Understanding your Spota Feed

Your Spota Feed can be found in the bottom-right hand corner of your Business Dashboard. It shows you a live update of what your customers are saying online about you.


 When someone Spota's your business via the app, your Spota Feed will show you:

  • Who Spota'd you and when
  • What reward you gave them
  • What message they shared
  • Any photos they included
  • What networks they shared it on
  • How many people it went to
  • How many total connections that person has online.

 After they have redeemed your reward, it will show what rating they gave you (optional).

Your Spota Feed is defaulted to be organised latest first, but you can sort this list by customers with the highest number of social connections if you wish. You can then see which messages have gone out to the most people.

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