Setting your daily budget

Spota makes it easy for you to stay in control of what you spend.

At the top of your Business Dashboard, in the centre you will see "Your Spend". Clicking on this will bring up the window where you can set your daily budget and control your payment information.

Simply slide the blue Daily spend bar up or down until you're happy with the amount. This can be changed throughout the day, at any time.

By adjusting your Spend up or down, you can see below the maximum number of Spota's you will get and what the estimated social reach of those Spota's will be.

When you're happy, just click Save!


You can see "Your spend so far today" near the top.

If you reach your daily spend limit, your Business and Spota offer will no longer appear on the Spota App until you increase the daily spend, or you go into the next day when Your spend so far today will reset to zero and you will reappear on Spota.

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