Negative comments

Spota gives you the ability to revoke an offer to a specific customer. You may decide to do this if the message they have shared online is negative.

As much as we'd all like to, you can't control what people are saying about you online. What you can do with Spota however, is monitor what is being said. This gives you the opportunity to try and repair any customer relationships that may have gone sour.

If you see a negative Spota message, we strongly recommend that you use the opportunity to repair the relationship with your customer (if they come in to redeem) rather than cancelling their offer.



Note: You can only cancel an offer to a specific customer if they have not used it already, of course!

When someone Spota's you, your Spota Feed will update with the message they shared. A red dot icon will also appear in the top-right of that message. By clicking on the red dot, you can cancel the offer to that particular customer.

Once the dot goes green, they have clicked Use on the app and the green dot will instead provide you with the date and time they used it.



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