Getting started with Spota

Setting your first offer is simple.

Once you have registered and logged in, you will see everything is located on your Business Dashboard.

In the bottom-left of your Dashboard, you will see the Offers section. Here you can see a preview of exactly what all Spota users will see.


1. Decide what you want to offer your customers and type it where prompted, e.g. 15% off your coffee.

You want people to Spota you, so make it worth it for them.

As well as coming in to redeem/spend with you, you're asking people to share a message about your business with their friends online, so be generous with your reward.

2. At the top of the Offers section, set the limitations for the offer. For example, you may wish to limit each user to 1 Spota per Week (That's 1 social share about you a week in return for 1 offer from you). 

3. Click the green Post button at the bottom.

 That's it! Your business is now live on the Spota app!

Remember, appearing on Spota is totally free. You will only be charged when someone Spota's you and shares a message about your business with their friends.

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